Eric Ludy Sermon Podcast: Church at Ellerslie
Discover a Christianity that actually works. These powerful sermons delivered by Pastor Eric Ludy for the Church at Ellerslie will awaken you to the majesty of true Christianity. God designed Christianity not to be mere theory but a life empowered by His grace, built unshakable upon truth, centered upon Jesus Christ, and poured out for His glory. It is more than academic head-knowledge, it is practical living grounded in the Word of God. These sermons are delivered with soul-stirring passion that will ignite your spiritual fire.

PODCAST / December 15, 2018

The Happy Road

The Secret to Blessedness (with a hidden message on modern day prophecy mixed in)


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The Gospel has two aspects to it—yet most of us only experience the first part. We are not only to receive the Gospel, we are also to give the Gospel. In this important message, Pastor Eric Ludy examines Paul’s statement in 1 Corinthians about desiring spiritual gifts, but especially that we may prophesy. Prophecy is the clear word about Jesus and contained within it is the secret to blessedness—giving the clear word about Jesus. Tongues and prophecy have often been a confusing and heated topic in the Church, but with kindness and a clear word on the matter, Pastor Ludy will explain the purpose of both, and in so doing, will lead you down a happy road of understanding.