Eric Ludy Sermon Podcast: Church at Ellerslie
Discover a Christianity that actually works. These powerful sermons delivered by Pastor Eric Ludy for the Church at Ellerslie will awaken you to the majesty of true Christianity. God designed Christianity not to be mere theory but a life empowered by His grace, built unshakable upon truth, centered upon Jesus Christ, and poured out for His glory. It is more than academic head-knowledge, it is practical living grounded in the Word of God. These sermons are delivered with soul-stirring passion that will ignite your spiritual fire.

PODCAST / July 7, 2013

Hold The Position


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Oftentimes we act boldly in times of ease and become cowards in time of crisis. But God is in the business of building us strong for the most difficult hour and to exude the most magnificent attributes of Jesus Christ amidst the darkest trials. This message is a rousing one, delineating how a Christian can calmly and nobly maintain their position throughout the most trying times and challenging difficulties.