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With a passionate heart for Christian discipleship, the majesty and centrality of Jesus Christ, and the life-changing power of the Gospel, the Daily Thunder podcast is a daily teaching series from the Bible to exhort, equip, and encourage Christians down the Narrow Way of the Cross. Taught by Eric Ludy, Nathan Johnson, and other guests – now you can have a little of the Ellerslie Discipleship boom, grit, and oomph thundering daily in your earbuds.

PODCAST / September 10, 2019

128: Living From God's Wisdom and Insight (Ephesians 1:7-8) // Ephesians Bible Study 16 (Nathan Johnson)



Speaker: Nathan Johnson
Series: Ephesians Bible Study
Study: 16 – Living From God's Wisdom and Insight (Ephesians 1:7-8)

God has abundantly poured forth His grace in all wisdom and insight, says Paul in Ephesians 1:8. But what are wisdom and insight and how do we practically apply both in our lives? In this expositional study in Ephesians, Nathan Johnson examines this phrase "wisdom and insight" and discusses how essential it is to live from God's perspective and heart every moment of every day.