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PODCAST / August 12, 2019

101: The Twos of Scripture // Reminders from Joshua Harris 2 (Eric Ludy)



Speaker: Eric Ludy
Series: Reminders from Joshua Harris
Study: 2 – The Twos of Scripture

This is the second installment in Eric’s Daily Thunder mini-series entitled, Reminders from Joshua Harris. Many Christians are currently struggling to swallow the recent revelations from Joshua Harris regarding the disintegration of both his marriage and his faith. But, in this time of grief, God desires to take what the enemy is meaning for evil, and turn it for good within the Church. Times of crisis are often the best moments to remember the goodness and faithfulness of God. This particular episode focuses on one of Eric’s favorite Biblical themes, the idea of Twos. And the applicability of this truth to this current debacle is beautiful and profound.
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