Bravehearted Voices
There is a rich heritage of bold, straightforward, and Christ-centered preaching in times past. These “Bravehearted Voices” called believers to return to historic Christianity that is firmly planted upon the Word of God and focused upon Jesus Christ. If you are spiritually hungry and desire to be infused with bold, uncompromising Truth, the Bravehearted Voices Podcast will acquaint you with heroic Christians of old such as A.W. Tozer, Leonard Ravenhill, Ian Thomas, Paris Reidhead, Richard Wurmbrand, and others. These sermons and recordings will encourage, challenge, and equip you to live a Christianity that actually works.

PODCAST / October 12, 2017

Stephen Manley – The Supply of the Word



In today's Bravehearted Voices Podcast, Stephen Manley talks about the sufficiency of God's Word (in text and in Person) and the Word's supply in our lives. This message is an expositional sermon from Matthew 28:18.


The Bravehearted Voices Podcast is brought to you by the creative team at The Bravehearted Voices Podcast features messages that deeply stir us toward Jesus Christ and toward living fully for His glory. In hearing this powerful collection of communicators from the past 100 years, it is our desire that you would be stirred to live lives fully given to Jesus Christ and discover a Christianity that actually works.