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Eric Ludy President
Lead Instructor

Ellerslie Discipleship Training is now Bravehearted Personal Discipleship. This program has gone through over two decades of refinement. The material is deep, the method of delivery amazing, and the possibilities of its implementation endless. We are thrilled to now present to you the most efficient, accessible, and powerful training model for gaining and utilizing the practical tools of Gospel-powered living that has maybe ever existed!


Be Discipled

100 days of premier Biblical training to help you discover how you can ...

  • Have greater intimacy with Jesus Christ
  • Walk in daily victory over sin
  • Grow and mature in your faith
  • Understand how to study the Bible and pray effectively
  • Experience the life-changing power of the Gospel

Do you really love Jesus?


Do you really love Jesus?

Perhaps it sounds like a simple question, but watch the video above to find out what we mean by it.


Discipleship is seemingly lost in our modern age. The practice of passing along the burning torch of Truth from believer to believer, and from generation to generation, is strangely missing. We’ve also lost the “personal” connectivity of the Gospel in the training of spiritual knowledge. We hear Truth, but we often don’t know how to actually live out this Truth. We know about Truth, but we often aren’t transformed by this Truth.

Bravehearted Personal Discipleship was constructed to confront this current downward trend and do something about it.


How do you grow in spiritual maturity while keeping your focus on Jesus Christ in a world that is constantly seeking to distract you from Him?

If you’re like us, you desire more than theoretical lecture of what could be—you seek practical discipleship that actually changes how you live.

That’s why we developed a system of personal discipleship that vastly opens up the potential for believers around the world to engage in personal spiritual training.

The idea is to take the best of on-site, face-to-face training and uniquely blend it with the best of modern online technology. A mixture that up until now in history was unable to be realized and experienced.

On-site: Spend time away from your normal everyday living and reset your focus as you develop and receive the necessary tools for Christ-like-living.

Online: As you transition back into the real-world of life, you continue your training online and begin to practice wielding the spiritual tools you learned in the onsite portion of the program.


"I was looking for a solid foundation—desiring a deeper relationship with God and greater knowledge of truth, applying what I knew in my head. Going through the discipleship program equipped me with the tools to actually live out the life that Christ calls us to."

Hannah Heinz | Tennessee


In the video above, you discovered the thrilling secret to personal discipleship and were introduced to the training model of Bravehearted Personal Discipleship.

Bravehearted Personal Discipleship is a 100 day discipleship training program built to maximize your understanding of the Bible and increase your love for and relationship with Jesus Christ. Each day of the training is purposely set up to have you encounter more and more and more of Him.

Days 1-3: Orientation and Preparation

Before you arrive on-site in Colorado, you will begin with an online orientation to help you prepare for our live one-week training, understand how to use the online app, and grasp the major themes, language, and concepts we will be using.

Week 1: Week-long On-Site Training in Windsor, Colorado

Gain the Biblical tools of Christ-Living. This on-site portion of the training will show you how to develop a vibrant and intimate daily walk with Jesus Christ. Metaphorically speaking, we will give you a tool belt and hand you tools with which to build a dynamic spiritual relationship with God that practically changes your life.

Weeks 2-11: Online Training

As you transition back into the real-world of life, you continue your training online and begin to practice wielding the spiritual tools you learned in the on-site portion of the program.

Week 11/12: Weekend Conference

At the conclusion of the 11th week (or the 12th week in some semesters) there will be an on-campus weekend conference in Windsor, Colorado where we will have a sacred three days together of refreshment and a rousing call to take the next steps forward in this life that we are now beginning to really grasp. This weekend isn’t mandatory, just highly encouraged.

Weeks 12-14: Online Training

After you return home after the weekend conference, the online training is less intensive than weeks 1-11. The focus of these final weeks is remembering and rehearsing the basic Truths of the Christian faith—to make them your own and actually put them into practice in your life on a daily basis. Though there will continue to be online training, our desire is to help you transition from “being fed” to “feeding yourself” and from “daily lessons” to “studying the Word of God on your own.”


At the conclusion of the 100 days of training, we will end with a special online gathering to celebrate all God has done in our lives. By this point, you will be well on your way to a fruitful spiritual life, firmly built upon God’s Word, and marked by triumphant victory and fervent intimacy with Jesus Christ—for if you spend 100 days thinking about Jesus Christ, meditating on His magnificence, and putting into practice His Life, Authority, Power, and Truth—you can’t help but be changed.


Fall (Option One): Sep 20 – Dec 30
Fall (Option Two): Nov 29 – Mar 10
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Winter: Feb 7 – May 19
Spring: Apr 25 – Aug 4
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Summer 2018: Jul 11 - Oct 20
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Tuition includes the week-long training and weekend conference in Colorado, and all online training. Plus, a printed Discipleship Curriculum Notebook for on-site training, and downloadable Discipleship Curriculum Notes for online training. Tuition rates vary upon whether you want to stay on-campus in the dorms during the week-long on-site training and weekend conference, or find your own housing during the on-site portions of training.

$1450 special introductory rate
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$1050 special introductory rate
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"The work that Christ has done through this school and its leaders has changed my life far beyond what I expected. The atmosphere, fellowship, truth spoken, and unforgettable daily experiences were merely a few of the many, many blessings that I was able to take pert in during my semester. Being able to step away from the busyness of the world and be surrounded by Christ for such a long period of time is a rare blessing, and I thank you all so much for dedicating so much of your time to create this set-apart environment!"

Samuel Wagner | Pennsylvania


Watch the video above for a quick overview of the campus, instructors, food, dorms, and other exciting moments you can experience during the on-site portion of Bravehearted Personal Discipleship.

"This is a place were Jesus is at the center of everything. All the teaching and sermons have Scripture to back them up and point to Jesus. All the staff are genuine and they live out their lives to bring glory to God … [and they] have had a huge impact on my life. They point you towards Christ and go out of their way to help you in any way that they can. It has given me a new perspective on how to walk as a Christian."

Jenna Lerch | Pennsylvania


If you’re asking “is there any more training available?” then this short video will be a teaser on future Bravehearted Personal Discipleship training programs.

"One thing I love is that all the students and staff come from a variety of backgrounds—yet Christ is always the center. There is something very special about the body of Christ coming together and growing in truth, that we may live a victorious life for the glory of Jesus. This is a place to grow and be made strong, so that you can be poured out for the Glory of Christ."

Grant Thomas | Colorado

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