Join Leslie each month for a brand new Set Apart online course, where she’ll dive deep into the practical side of set-apart living!

Whether you experience these powerful discipleship lessons on your own or with a study group, you’ll be inspired and equipped with a beautiful vision of biblical femininity. Each monthly course includes four video sessions (each new lesson released every Monday) and a downloadable course study guide (perfect for groups), plus a simulcast with Leslie, where you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions!



Fearless Living

How to Adopt a Battle Plan Against Anxiety

All too many of us have come to accept fear as a normal part of our lives. But God doesn’t just suggest that we “fear not” — instead, He commands us not to fear. In this life-changing course, Leslie will equip you with the spiritual tools you need to be set free from the bondage of fear, resist the attacks of the enemy upon your life, and gain the bold, unshakeable courage God desires you to have in Jesus Christ.

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4 Video Sessions:
Each course includes four weekly video teaching sessions with Leslie, with each video being approximately 45 minutes in length. These sessions are perfect for both groups and individuals. In each weekly video session, Leslie explores a specific aspect of the course theme and includes rich biblical teaching and practical insight on applying the truths to your daily life! A new video will be unlocked on Monday of each week, starting on the first Monday of each month!

Course Notebook:
Each course includes a downloadable course notebook that includes weekly lessons, key Scriptures and quotes, discussion questions for groups, and questions for individual prayer and study, as well as recommended recourses to take the lesson even deeper. The course notebook is the perfect compliment to Leslie’s weekly video teaching sessions!

Simulcast Q&A Session:
During each monthly course Leslie will offer a private simulcast Q&A session for all course participants. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions as you are walking though the course material, and you’ll be able to access Leslie’s answers even after the Q&A is over. Once you purchase the course of the month or subscribe, you’ll receive details about the dates, how you can participate, and how to submit your questions!

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2017-2018 COURSES TO COME!

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Inspiring Today’s Men

Helping Guys Rise Above Cultural Mediocrity

If you have ever been frustrated, hurt, or discouraged by the state of modern masculinity, this course will equip you to motivate todays men toward something better. Leslie shares refreshing, biblical truth about the powerful influence women can have on husbands, dads, brothers, and male friends. Learn how to properly respond to a man’s ungodly behavior, how to set an inspiring example, and how to have an enteral impact upon the men that God has placed in your life.

Course closes October 1, 2017


True Identity

How to Discover and Embrace God’s Purpose for Your Life

In a world obsessed with self-fulfillment, self-expression, and self-identity, Leslie shares a refreshingly different message that will give you a whole new perspective on what it means to find your destiny and discover God’s purpose for your life. Catch a God-sized vision for your future, learn how to approach decision-making and life-direction from a biblical perspective, and experience the amazing joy of becoming a surrendered vessel in the Master Potter’s hands.

Course closes November 1, 2017


Social Media

How to Glorify God in Your Digital Conduct


Unshakeable Faith

How to Live Set-Apart When Others Don’t Support You


Powerful Praying

How Gain a Passionate Communion with God


True Happiness

How to Exchange Temporal Distractions for Lasting Contentment

MARCH 2018

Overcoming Insecurity

How to Exchange Self-Doubt for Christ-Confidence

APRIL 2018

True Beauty

How to Glow with Heavenly Radiance

MAY 2018

PURITY That Lasts

How to Be Holy in Body and Spirit

JUNE 2018

Godly Discernment

How to Become a Woman of Wisdom

JULY 2018

CHRIST-Centered Mentoring

How to Eternally Impact Today’s Young Women


Honorable Speech

How to Honor God and Others with Every Word You Speak


A Vibrant Marriage

Keys to Becoming a Christ-Centered Wife


Set Apart Motherhood

Keys to Becoming a Christ-Centered Mother