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Join bestselling author Leslie Ludy for a life-changing 12-week study in Christ-centered living! Designed for women of every age, this powerful and practical Bible study explores the biblical foundations of godly womanhood. Be inspired and equipped to not merely fit Jesus Christ into your life, but build your life around Him. Perfect for small groups or individual study. Each week’s theme includes a video teaching session with Leslie and a printed comprehensive workbook, where each lesson has Scriptures, discussion questions, personal reflection guide, and additional resource suggestions. A leader’s guide is also available with practical tips and thought-provoking discussion questions to help you lead others through this study. Discover how to cultivate a passionate devotion to Christ and let Him beautifully transform every area of your life!


  • +A woman of any age who desires deeper intimacy with Christ
  • +A mom who wants to pass along a vision for Christ-centered femininity to your daughters
  • +A small group leader who is looking for a biblically-rich resource on godly womanhood
  • +A woman looking for a foundational Scriptural study on Christ-centered femininity for every season of life


Leslie Ludy is the bestselling author of over twenty books, including When God Writes Your Love Story, The Set Apart Woman, and Authentic Beauty and has spent the past two decades encouraging women around the world to pursue a Christ-centered life. Leslie and her husband Eric live in Colorado with their six children. Learn more at


Do you desire to know Jesus Christ deeply and intimately, as your dearest, closest, most trusted Friend? Do you long to not just talk about Him, sing about Him, and learn about Him, but to truly walk in daily, passionate relationship with Him? Are you tired of just reading about God’s promises in the Bible and ready to actually experience the unmatched joy, peace that passes understanding, and soul-level satisfaction that is promised to those who follow Him? If that describes you, this Set Apart Study is for you. This message won’t tickle your ears, but it will stir and awaken your soul!

In her engaging, practical, and straightforward style, Leslie’s message will draw you into greater depths of intimacy with Christ and challenge you toward greater heights of spiritual triumph. Filled with inspiring examples of Christ-centered women from history, powerful modern-day stories, a wealth of Scripture, and practical action steps, these poignant lessons will equip you to personally discover the unmatched fulfillment and joy that comes from a Christ-centered life. Each video lesson is approximately 30 minutes long, with a companion workbook full of Scriptures, key truths, and practical soul-searching exercises. A leader’s guide is also available for those who are mentoring or guiding others through these powerful truths.


  • Week One: Set-Apartness Defined
  • Week Two: Surrender – Daring to Lay Everything Down at Jesus’ Feet
  • Week Three: Freedom – Allowing the Gospel to Transform You from the Inside Out
  • Week Four: Intimacy – Cultivating Daily, Passionate Communion with Christ
  • Week Five: Devotion – Fixing Your Gaze Completely on Jesus
  • Week Six: Radiance – Overcoming Insecurity Through the Crucified Life
  • Week Seven: Discretion – Adopting a Christ-Honoring Pattern for Digital Conduct
  • Week Eight: Nobility – Honoring God and Others with Every Word Spoken
  • Week Nine: Friendship – Becoming a Faithful “Friend of the Bridegroom”
  • Week Ten: Discernment – Overcoming Deception Through Godly Wisdom
  • Week Eleven: Courage – Becoming Fearless for Such a Time as This
  • Week Twelve: Love – Discovering the Power of a Poured-Out Life


Q: I see that there are workbooks for this course? What are those like?
A: Though the course videos are online-only, the course workbook is a spiral-bound book that will be shipped to you after purchasing. Each lesson in the workbook contains the session notes associated with the online course video, practical questions to help you apply the content to your life, and going deeper questions to allow you to take the truths even further.

Q: What is the difference between the regular workbooks and leader’s guide book?
A: The leader’s guide contains the exact same content as the workbooks, but with additional bonus material designed to help group leaders facilitate group discussion. Throughout the leader’s guide you will see special sections with tips and additional questions to help you lead others through the material.

Q: Is there a DVD that I can purchase? How will I access the videos?
A: No, there isn’t a DVD, but you will receive instant access to the course videos via your own online login.

Q: How long will I get access to the material?
A: Good question! You will have lifetime access to the course material and can watch and re-watch videos as often as you’d like.

Q: Can I use this course in a small group?
A: Yes! There is no additional cost to take a group through this online course.

Q: Can I download the videos?
A: Unfortunately, no downloads are available of the videos. However, one or more workbooks will be shipped to you, depending on which option you purchase.

Q: What if I discover the course isn’t for me — can I get refund?
A: Yes, we offer a no-questions-asked 100% refund if you choose not to keep the course within 7 days of purchase. Unfortunately we are unable to give refunds for purchases beyond 7 days.