Prepare for Real-World Ministry

for alumni who have a passion to change the world for Christ


  • Spend 5 life-changing weeks at the Ellerslie Campus in Colorado!
  • Gain a fresh spiritual fire in your pursuit of Jesus Christ
  • Grow deeper in your understanding of Scripture and Gospel-Centered living
  • Be trained for real world Christian living
  • Choose your focus of study!



(for everyone)

Principles of Studying The Bible

Build a foundational understanding of the Bible — on both a macro and micro level – by learning the basic hermeneutical framework of the Bible and applying this foundational framework to several book studies during your on-campus training. Our objective is to help you develop a consistent hermeneutic in accordance with John 5:38-39; Hebrews 1:1-4; 2 Timothy 3:16-17; and 2 Peter 1:20-21.


Learn the foundational aspects of how to intelligently study the Bible using the tools of 1) observation 2) determining meaning and understanding and 3) how to think about your observations and understandings to make proper application. This will allow you to confidently bear witness to Truth, as well as to have the skills necessary to help others understand the meanings and Truths of the Bible. This class will help you understand how to study the Bible for all issues, theology, doctrine, and know how to continue your studies in hermeneutics.


Hebrews 5:11-14 directly ties discernment to continuing maturity in the faith. This class will help students learn to make distinctions between good and evil, Truth and error, Biblical and unBiblical, etc. The students will learn how to think Biblically, how to ask questions and come to proper conclusions about Truth, and how to apply that Truth in thinking, speaking, acting, and decision-making. This class is full of hands-on practice in applying Biblical principals of discernment to contemporary Christianity.


(choose one)

Write a Book and Communicate Biblically (with Nathan Johnson)

Whether you desire to pen your first book or merely seek to communicate more effectively, this practical Biblical communications track is hand-crafted for you. Split into two sections—written and verbal communication—you will:

  • - Discover how to speak, teach, and/or preach Biblically with confidence
  • - Learn the process and tools of how to write and publish a book

Through this hands-on practical experience that will instruct, equip, and give you time to practice both speaking and writing, you will focus primarily on the key area of communication you want to develop (i.e.: writing or speaking).

Preparing for World Missions (with Dan McConnaughey)

Students will look at three specific areas of preparation: content, communication, and culture. In other words:

  • - What content does a missionary need to have in order to be effective?
  • - What communication challenges will today’s missionaries face?
  • - How do we engage various cultures by recognizing and responding quickly and correctly to vital cultural issues?

Reaching Today’s Young Women (with Leslie Ludy)

Whether you feel called to minister to younger girls in your daily life or desire to start a ministry for today’s young women, this course will prepare you with a Christ-centered foundation. In this class, you will learn the top issues that young women are struggling with in today’s culture and the Biblical answers they need. We will also explore the most effective and Biblically-sound ways to reach the hearts of young women and point them toward a life-changing relationship with Christ. Also, you’ll discover how to use tools such as writing, speaking, and counseling to deepen your impact upon the girls you are ministering to.

Theology of Education and Orphan Ministry (with Elijah Robertson)

Be equipped with foundational tools to communicate and teach Christianly in an educational setting. Built for mission-minded students, this track will utilize a Biblically-integrated, redemptive, Christocentric approach towards curriculum and student life. The student teacher will introduce, hone, and apply foundational teaching tools to teach on the mission field. Since teaching on the mission field is often in conjunction with orphan ministry, we will also explore best practice in effective orphan ministry.

General Ministry (with various teachers)

For both men and women who believe they are called to ministry or missions and seek to rightly communicate God’s Word. This track focuses on the proper handling of God’s Word, understanding the basics of Biblical counseling, and how to effectively lead and serve the Body of Christ.


Have the opportunity to serve and bless the Ellerslie Classic semester students as you pray together, worship together, eat together, laugh together, and live together (if you’re staying in the dorms).


This is a sample schedule and will likely change