Both Leslie and I grew up in Christian youth groups at the height of the abstinence movement. During our young adult years, we were given many reasons for why we should choose purity, such as, “You’ll have a better marriage someday” or “You’ll avoid STD’s and teen pregnancy” or “You’ll have more respect for yourself” or “Abstinence is cool, come join all the others who have chosen to live this way!”

But despite all the purity pep talks that we listened to, very few young people actually had the ability to successfully maintain a long-term commitment to purity. It was common for teens to enthusiastically sign an abstinence pledge card only to succumb to moral failure a few months down the road.

Not much has changed in this area over the past two decades. Countless Christian teens and singles make a commitment to purity, but only a few succeed at maintaining that commitment in the long run.


The simple truth is that when it comes to purity, we are all too often committed to a concept instead of a Person

A lasting commitment to purity must flow out of a heart that longs to love, honor and glorify Jesus Christ above all else. When purity commitments are made for the sake of our own personal benefit, we can easily be talked or tempted out of it.  But when purity is a response to our overwhelming love for Jesus Christ, it changes everything. 

No longer do we have questions like, “what am I getting out of this deal?” or “how far is too far?”  Instead, we ask an entirely new question: “How far can I possibly go to love, honor and glorify my King in this area of my life?”

The most stirring purity pep talk can never take the place a heart that is truly surrendered to Jesus Christ. Love for Him is the ultimate key to lasting purity.

And remember, no matter where you have been or what mistakes you have made, you can choose to surrender this area of your life to Him starting right now. He can turn your regrets into an amazing demonstration of His redemptive love and grace. He has given everything for you.

Will you give Him everything in return?

-Eric Ludy

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