Okay. Make sure you are sitting down when I tell you this bit of news. Because of our new scholarship fund, we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to give away three full-ride scholarships to our upcoming Ellerslie Classic Training this summer! That’s a $6,450 training program for free (as long as you can get to Colorado). Exciting, right?

Another result of generous support to our scholarship fund is that we are able to lop off $2,500 from every student’s tuition cost (including family tuitions — and $2,000 for Advanced student tuitions) for our upcoming summer program, to make it easier for anyone who is interested to participate! (And, yes, even those of you that have already paid your summer tuition in full ($6,450), we will be giving you back that $2,500. Can you say, “Hallelujah!”?) To see our newly reduced price and learn more about how to apply to our summer program visit our Ellerslie Classic program page.

And, if you are interested in grabbing one of our three full-ride scholarships, here’s what you need to know:

  1. You will need to fill out the Full-Ride Scholarship Entry Form and press "submit" prior to our deadline on Monday, April 9th at noon (MST).
  2. We will be reviewing the applications and communicating back with everyone that has applied by April 13th, via a blog video, to let you know whether or not you are one of the “three.”
  3. And, just in case you are wondering, the full-ride scholarship can be applied only to this upcoming summer semester and only be applied to cover a single student's on-campus tuition or a single student’s off-campus tuition. The full-ride scholarship cannot be used to cover a family tuition. If you are desiring to come as a family, the scholarship, if you were to win it, could be applied to a portion of the family tuition.


Praising God for His bounty! 

-Eric Ludy