Our Bravehearted Media Team loathes poor quality productions.  So, as a means of bringing on some self-inflicted sanctification, we decided to do some productions that were . . . ahem . . . a little less than stellar.  It’s funny, because the amount of views on these cheesy productions have been more than a lot of the high quality projects that we have produced.  Figure that.  I think people just like to see the human side of things.  Oh, and the bloopers at the conclusion of them I think have warmed a few hearts as well.  
In this, the fourth and final installment in our Unauthorized Series (taking you behind-the-scenes in the construction of our new discipleship training model), it was our plan to take you into our cozy little film studio on our campus in Windsor, Colorado and give you a peek at our film equipment and, ironically, even show you a glimpse into the beautiful quality of our forthcoming training material.  The idea was a good one.  However, the execution of that idea was an altogether different story.  Alas, this final video in our Unauthorized Series was not just low-budget, the entire video stunk from beginning to end.  It was so bad that I forbade Nathan Johnson from uploading it to our website.  Get this, even the bloopers stunk.  Have you ever heard of stinky bloopers?  Well, even the bloopers of this one were downright bad.
Nathan Johnson and I have been dreaming of being done with this fourth and final video.  And, in good conscience, we can say that we did actually complete it.  But in good conscience we just can’t release it to all of you.  Such videos should not be allowed to hog up storage space on our devices nor consume people’s time and attentions.  So, for your sake, I have nixed this video from going live.  
You will need to click on the video box above to find out what we have delivered to you instead.  This last-minute replacement video was created last night, at an hour way past Eric Ludy’s bedtime.  But, take into account as you watch it, that I was willing to sacrifice sleep for you.  This too is an unauthorized video.  And it too is, ahem, rather low budget.  But, please receive it from our hearts to yours as a labor of love.  
Amazed that God takes weak things and reveals His strength in and through them,