I don’t remember who it was, but someone on our Bravehearted Media Team thought making this Unauthorized Series was a grand idea.  Brandon White, was that you?  Well, anyway, it was Nathan Johnson and I that got stuck with this project and all of the embarrassment that comes with starring in a low-budget production.  In light of all that difficulty, I’ve pondered the fact that I likely will be an in-demand actor for some up-and-coming B-movies after all is said and done and people witness, through this unparalleled four part video series, my dynamic presence on film.  Hmmm.  Can you say, “change in career?”  
I must admit it has been a lot of fun, but there have been many moments along the way in which the word “grimace” would be an understatement for what Nathan and I were both doing with our facial features.  We really do prefer our film team doing this work.  In fact, if we have learned anything through this process, it’s that the Bravehearted Media Team doesn’t need Nathan and Eric taking the reigns of the film department.  Thank you Josh Kinabrew for doing what you do.  Please, keep doing it!  
In this, the third installment in our Unauthorized Series (taking you behind-the-scenes in the construction of our new discipleship training model), we look at the development of our exciting online app.  This app is a huge step forward in our team being able to take our powerful training material all over the globe.  It helps to personalize Truth.  It enables us to do something that is unprecedented throughout Christian history.  We can connect anytime, anywhere, with hungry disciples the world-over.  It’s thrilling!  
Oh, and since we know many of you have only put up with these poor-quality videos in order to see some bloopers in the end, this third video has some juicy bloopers for you.  Since we were a bit short on bloopers going into the third video in this series, one of the bloopers was an “instigated” blooper.  I’m not sure if it legally qualifies as a genuine blooper.  But, we included it.  The debate as to its legitimacy may outlive all of us.  
Delighting in God’s lack of bloopers and the ability to laugh at all our own,