Exciting news! Our next “unauthorized video” is ready for viewing!  Minutes ago I sat down at a coffee shop, put on my head phones and pressed the play button. And while the audio  and video quality stinks and I once again look like a muppet, I really enjoyed it!  What this video lacks in quality it makes up for with intriguing content and a heap of funny bloopers at the end.

Our last video included just a few bloopers (unfortunately, there were a lot more that could have been included). And whether or not anyone liked our video’s content, we had an inordinately positive response to the bloopers at the end. (I’m trying not to ponder the fact that you all love to see me mess up!) But, if you loved the last video’s bloopers, then you’ll love this one even more, because it’s not just my bloopers but this one has some doozie Nathan Johnson and Philip Hartman foibles thrown in the mix. 

I’ve decided that we need to do more of these slipshod, woebegone, imperfect-but-intriguing videos in the future. They are fun!

Meanwhile, we hope, in and amidst all this fun, that you catch a vision for joining us for our brand new discipleship training program, launching this September. After all, that’s the real reason we are doing this. Hope to see you soon at an upcoming program!

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Cheering you onward!

Eric Ludy