We have a fun video for you. When Leslie saw it she laughed out loud and said I looked like a muppet. Um, well, that’s encouraging. Anyway, long and short the video isn’t very high quality and my body looks strangely distorted in it, but that’s all part of the fun. It’s the first installment of our “unauthorized” series supplying a behind-the-scenes peek into the development of our brand-new discipleship training course set to launch in Windsor, Colorado this September. We call it the “unauthorized” series, because our film department did not authorize this production. We snuck behind their backs and put this together. And, as a result, I look like a muppet. 

We are really excited about our new training model and we are passionate about sharing that excitement with you. So, I’m willing to look like a muppet, in order to whet your appetite for what’s to come. 

NOTE: After the video concludes be sure to keep watching, because Nathan Johnson (the guy responsible for making me look like a muppet) added in some wonderful bloopers for your extra viewing pleasure! 

Thrilled about what God is doing!

Eric Ludy