Ah, the memories associated with this newest Bravehearted Thots trilogy! Over a period of four months (from April – July 2015), our local church in Windsor, Colorado experienced a very real spiritual revival. And this particular 3-part video series is extracted out of the messages that served to underscore that profound stretch of time.

To give you a little peek into that stretch of time, here is the text from my email sent to the church body, the week of May 25th:

Dear Church Family,

God has entrusted our church with something very precious. If we were to translate these past couple weeks into a Jesus parable, it could be said that the King has handed us ten talents of gold. What we do with this trust is now of the utmost importance.

I’m not sure if every one of you is aware of what has been taking place, so I wanted to briefly catch us all up.

On Sunday, May 17th, the message The Sin of Silence was given. It was a strong and convicting message on the “confessing church” that left us all trembling and deeply inspired. At the conclusion of the message, three men got up onto the stage and gave practical means by which we can begin to “do something” as a church. As an extension to that message we suggested that the Church Body consider coming back to the chapel on Tuesday night to make sure this spiritual quickening was brought to full-term and not unwittingly miscarried. Come Tuesday night, the 19th of May, it was shocking to realize that almost the entire Church had shown up and was packed inside our tiny chapel ready to “do something.” Somewhere around three hours later we concluded after enjoying over two hours of corporate prayer. And it wasn’t the stale, pre-packaged variety of prayer – but the robust, fervent variation. It was a remarkable night that left us all in awe, desiring more.

On Sunday, May 24th, after the message The Power of Tears, another invitation to join together on the upcoming Tuesday was issued. And again, a full house arrived at the chapel, eager and expectant. The first week proved that even young children fit into this, and so, on the night of May 26th, entire families showed up, with children actually wanting to come and be a part of whatever God had in store. With no defined plan for the evening, we began at 6:15pm, and multiple hours later (I don’t actually know how late we went, I only know that I arrived home at 10pm), we found ourselves as a Body deeply softened by the Spirit of Grace and deeply stirred by the profundity of the night. It truly was a picture of the Body of Christ in action.

As a Church, we have been entrusted with ten talents of gold. God has placed this very real deposit of grace into our hands and I feel the awesome weight of investing it properly. What Sunday, May 31st has in store for us, or what Tuesday night, June 2nd may bring – I honestly don’t know. But I do know this is a work of God and not man. He is leading us and I fully expect Him to continue. I know how easy it is for us as men to quench this precious wind, and I want each of us to live with a great sensitivity towards this matter, allowing the Spirit of God to convict us and purge us of even the smallest indiscretions. And let us be faithful, actively engaged in prayer that this spiritual wind, currently blowing through our Body, would only increase in power and intensity and move outward from our midst into our local community. We have not been entrusted with this heavenly treasure only to cram it into our own pockets, but to share it, to give it, and to bring it unto others. May we all, not only be personally edified by this grace, but empowered to go forth and to confess unto others the beauties of our King and His glorious Gospel.

With much love and expectancy,



I encourage you to listen to these messages with a readiness to respond. For, God WILL raise up for Himself a witness in this desperate hour! And it is my prayer that He find each of us ready and willing be that very witness!

Is not the Lamb that was slain worthy to receive the reward of His suffering?

-Eric Ludy