To understand the significance of this particular Bravehearted Thot video in my life, we need to travel back in time over seven years ago, to the very first Discipleship Training program offered on the Ellerslie campus. Fifty-five students signed up for our first semester of training, and it was an amazing start to something very special. The date was July 4th, 2010 and it was a Sunday. Leslie and I had invited all the students over to our house that night to watch the fireworks over Windsor Lake. But something went strangely awry that day. We had a downpour of rain. In fact, it rained harder that day than I had ever seen rain come down in my entire life. 

Earlier that morning, during our Sunday service in the Ellerslie chapel, I had given a message entitled, Immovable. And in that message I had yelled out at the top of my lungs, as a statement of belligerent faith in the Lord Almighty, “Though winds and rains beat against my house, I WILL NOT BE MOVED!” It was a stirring moment of declaration. And now, at 3pm that very afternoon, my boisterous exclamation was being put to the test. For winds and rains were beating against my house. 

That afternoon, the rain came down in unprecedented fashion in Windsor, Colorado. So much rain, in fact, that my window wells filled up with water. So much rain, in fact, that I caught seven bathtubs-full of water as this water in the window wells came cascading in through the frame around the windows and I caught it in containers. It was quite an event. 

And in and through this adventure, my basement was thoroughly flooded and my basement’s carpet floor was thoroughly ruined. 

Over the next month I pondered this wild event and the significance of it. And after a month, I got up the guts to make mention of this strange happening and once again make a boisterous declaration of my immovability in Christ Jesus. I did it. And that Sunday, once again the rains came pouring down and my house flooded. 

A few weeks later, I did it again. And, as it turns out, as Leslie and I were leaving for church that Sunday morning, we had started the washing machine in the laundry room (which had just been installed that previous day). And while I was making my bold proclamation of immovability, our house was flooding with water from the discharge tube on the washing machine which was inadvertently left on the floor instead of stuck in the drain box. 

Though this might be hard to fathom, this “flooding phenomenon” happened six times during my first year of training on the Ellerslie campus. In that time I replaced my basement floor three times and learned how to have a heavenly sense of humor. 

There is something very powerful about this message. It is a statement that the Devil simply cannot allow us as Christian’s to make unmolested. So, before you listen, check the weather reports. There just may be a chance of rain. 

Loving the immovability of our Lord!

Eric Ludy