It’s strange, but there are certain days of the year that we as Christians often toss up our hands and say, “Yeah! That’s the Devil’s Day!” Halloween and Black Friday are great examples of such a defeated acceptance. So, on a day like this, most of us as Christians just accept that fact that the Truth of the Gospel takes second place to hedonistic shopping pleasure and unchecked covetousness . . . even in and amongst (ahem) Christians.

Let’s not let the culture or our own temporal passions bully us around today. I, for one, would like to take this day back for the glory of Jesus Christ.

So, to help with that, we’re serving up a doozie of a Bravehearted Thot video today that will help to remind us all what this life is really all about, and truly how grand the treasure is that we have, as believers, in the Person of Jesus Christ.

As a reminder, “Black Friday” is not the Devil’s Day. As Christians, this is our day, designed by God very specifically to showcase His manifold wonder unto this dying world about us!

Oh, the preciousness of Jesus!

Eric Ludy