There is something powerful about the simple childlike faith of children. It is not encrusted with so much of the barnacles of modern-day nonsense floating around out there. Children hear the Truth, they believe it, and then they live it. It’s a much more simple way to do Christianity, if you ask me.

I also believe that, especially in our day of political-socio-religious correctness that, just maybe, children can say something boldly that the rest of us are being told we are not allowed to share. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m going to keep speaking the Truth of Jesus Christ even if it means the loss of life, however, if my kids are able to more effectively share something than their daddy could, I’m going to do all I can do to serve that. They have just a few short years when their cuteness still works to disarm even the hardest hearted God-rejecters out there. So, as far as I’m concerned, I’d like to employ my children in the business of winning souls.

The script for The Man was put together over two years ago. As a family, we’ve tried a few different run-throughs over these past two years on this script to see if we could capture it, and have met, each time, with dismal failure. Long and short, most of my kids are not attracted to being in front of the camera. They freeze up, they mumble inaudibly their lines, or they just start crying – I’ve got quite the acting troupe on my hands.

But, that doesn’t mean they haven’t wanted to do this. They do. They just needed a means of doing it that allows them to be them, instead of them needing to be world-class actors. I think we found the remedy. And I hope you enjoy the result.

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Loving the beauty and preciousness of little children!

Eric Ludy