I wrote the script for this particular video over two years ago. It was supposed to be a simple little production for my six kids. Hudson, at the time was ten with a high-pitched voice and Lily and Rees were little munchkins (age 3) still hardly able to speak clearly. It was going to be great and so cute that it could melt even the hardest, most formidable atheist’s heart. But, alas, it hasn’t been a “simple little production.” 

Take #1 (two years ago): The day of filming came. All was ready. And little 3-year old Rees could not keep from crying every time he sat down in front of the camera. We tried and tried and tried. But, there is something about talking about the triumph of Scripture while crying and fussing that just doesn’t fit. So . . .

Take #2 (a month ago): The day of filming came. All was ready. No. Check that. We need to cancel the shoot due to weather. 

Take #3 (three weeks ago): The day of filming came. All was ready. Hair? Check. Spots and wrinkles out of clothing? Check. Smiles on all faces? Check. The filming was amazing! It was a huge breakthrough. High fives all around! Big hugs to all the kids! Big thank-yous to all the production team! Hold it! What’s that? All the video footage is missing. We have the audio, but … the video footage somehow got corrupted. Hmmm. 

Take #4 (two weeks ago): The day of filming came. All was ready? Prayers prayed. Devil bound and resisted. Set jaws all around! We are getting this thing done! And, lo and behold, all the kids trounce upon the powers of Hell in the authority of Jesus’ Almighty Name and do an amazing job!  Yay! 

This video may not sport Hudson’s high-squeaky voice as it was originally intended to, nor boast of three-year-old cuteness, but, maybe that’s because this video wasn’t supposed to be just all “cuteness.”  It was also supposed to be “content.” 

This video packs a whallop!  It brings back the ancient confidence of the Saints of God in the Word of Scripture to the stage of time.  And it does it through the power of little kiddo conviction! 

I’m confident that the battle in getting this to you is more than worth the fight! 

Eric Ludy