Leslie and I landed on the term “The Impossible Life” somewhere back in 2009. At that juncture I was celebrating two decades of radical pursuit of Jesus Christ, but was chagrined to freshly realize how impotent I still was in producing the Life of Christ in myself, by myself. After twenty years of hot pursuit of my King, I still was just as weak as when I started. I still couldn’t bring any power to the table. I still didn’t have anything of a heavenly deportment intrinsic to my nature. I still needed Him – desperately needed Him in order to live out this life.

However, those twenty years had not been without great gain. Those twenty years had taught me something grand. And that is that though I was completely unable, in and of myself, to live out this triumphant Christian existence, that HE WAS/IS ABLE TO DO IT! And He doesn’t just help me get along, struggle through each day with my head just above water, and barely make it to the finish line someday – NO! He causes me to live out an absolutely impossible existence! He empowers me to love supernaturally, rejoice in all things, and be marked by an inexplicable peace even in the throes of the greatest dangers.

It’s an impossible life that God has called each of us, as believers, to live out. Our Christianity is supposed to be a life wholly enable and empowered by the Life of Jesus Christ. And yet most of us have attempted to live out the Christ-life through sheer human talent, gumption, gifting, and personality. Some of us have tried to harness this “Impossible Life” stallion with our willpower, our scholarship, or our sincerity. But none of these will ever prove strong enough. For the calling we have received is impossible. And, as our precious Savior once said in Mark 10:27 – “With men this it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible!

Freshly cherishing the God of the Impossible!

-Eric Ludy