There are certain words in the Christian vocabulary that have been taken hostage by the Devil. The word Grace is one of the biggies. Some of the other notable hostages are Love, The Holy Spirit, and Faith. The Devil knows that if he can disturb or pervert our understanding of these key tools to the practical Christian life, that we, through our lack of sound understanding, become inoperative in our faith and function. And such is the sad tale of Grace in our modern-day. The word has been stolen from us. It is currently gagged, bound, and held in a strong tower of ignorance in the Land of Biblical Illiteracy. It has been replaced with a dopey imitation character that has been pawned off as the real thing. This “dopey” character tells us that God doesn’t care how we live, He just loves us no matter what. This “imitation” tells us that Grace is a license to do whatever we want – to sin, to make merry, and to do as we please. But, this dopey imitation of Grace is sadly misleading the modern rank and file over a cliff of deception.

It’s true that God loves us. But the authentic version of Grace shouts, “He loves you too much to leave you in that stinky condition. And that is why He gave me to you – to save you to the uttermost!”

I think it is high time we got the real rendition of Grace back up and operational in the Church!

Oh, His Grace IS amazing!

-Eric Ludy