The singular idea, expressed today’s video release, that Grace is the enabling power of God has literally transformed my spiritual life. Like many of you, I spent years of my Christian life “trying” to be a great Christian. And I did this “trying” in my own strength, not knowing that there was another strength to utilize. Oh, what a day of Thanksgiving it was when yours truly, Eric Ludy, finally grasped the truth embedded in this particular Bravehearted Thot video.

The Truth That Changed Eric Ludy’s Life: Grace is the power by which God enables me to carry out and accomplish the impossible errands He has assigned me.

Example #1: Eric, I want you to be pure in your thought life!

Uh, I simply can’t pull this off in my own strength. But, amazingly, God can enable me, by His grace, to keep my thought life pure. And this is exactly what has happened in my life! It’s His work that saves me!

Example #2: Eric, I want you to love the lost and bring them My Good News!

Uh, in and of myself, I can’t whip up this vast Divine Love. Left to my own devices, I don’t care about the lost, I only care about myself. But, whoop-whoop, God can give me, by the means of Grace, His very own Love, so that I can Love with the Love He gives me. And this is precisely what He has done in my life and in my heart. Praise God!

On this Thanksgiving Day, let’s make sure we don’t forget to be express our deep gratitude for His amazing Grace!
Happy Thanksgiving!

-Eric Ludy