No matter where you go on this earth, if you choose to grow a flower garden you will, undoubtedly, battle with weeds. The same is true with growing the Christian life. Along with the amazing Life you receive in Christ come the trials that strangely accompany that amazing Life. I guess it’s just a principle of both soil and souls in a fallen world:

Weeds are found wherever there is potential of growth.    

Many of us fight this fact. We don’t like the weedy aspects of life. We want the fullness of the Life of Christ, but we don’t want those pesky trials, those splintery crosses that come with it. We want resurrection life without the Hill of Calvary. We want Life without Death. We want to be muscularly strong without exercise and discipline.

Then there are some of us that have accepted the fact that crosses come with following Jesus. But, we often look around us at other people’s crosses and consider them far less difficult to endure than the one bearing down heavily upon our own shoulders.

“God?” We grumble, “Why is their cross so light and my cross so heavy?

In light of this bizarre discontent currently en vogue in our modern churches, I’ve thought up a great business model called, The Cross Swap in order to capitalize upon it. I think it could be really big!

At The Cross Swap, everyone that has a cross they don’t particularly like can swap it out for someone else’s “more preferable” cross. There would just be a small service fee involved. So, basically, the guy in South Dakota can swap out his marital difficulties for a Syrian man’s difficulties with being on ISIS’s most-wanted list. The girl from New Delhi can swap out her extreme poverty for the Irish girl’s unjust 20-year prison sentence. The guy with parenting issues can swap out all his frustration for the guy currently suffering under the arrogant taunts of his cruel and terrible boss.

You simply lend your cross to someone for them to carry for a while, while you take their issues upon your shoulder. Pretty cool, huh?

Of course, there is one gigantic problem with the plan. And that is, as Christians, we are only able to carry the crosses assigned to us. We don’t have grace to carry someone else’s trials. While other people’s crosses may look preferable to our own, they would crush us if we were to try and bear them up. Crosses are heavier than you may realize. And they are not carried by just human willpower – they are carried by the indwelling Spirit of God. And we each have received a special grace to carry our unique form of trials and tribulations. In other words, we are built by God to carry impossible burdens. But, we need to agree to carry them, willingly, with a smile, with a song in our heart, and with thanksgiving.

So, though The Cross Swap business could certainly make me a very rich man. I think I’ll pass on the idea and just embrace the unique and wonderful cross that God has fashioned just for me to bear.

Loving His ways,

-Eric Ludy

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