In December of 1992, I was twenty-two years old and desperately wanting to live out a rendition of Christianity akin to the likes of George Müller, Hudson Taylor, and C.T. Studd. I was twelve hundred miles from home and experiencing a tremendous financial need. But here’s the kicker: no one in my life knew about the need ... except God. I had decided that like Müller, Taylor, and Studd, I was going to take my need before the Throne of Grace alone and let God prove Himself faithful without me manipulating others into giving. So, no one knew of the serious financial plight I was in. And yet, somehow, someway (as every grand story of faith goes) I was supplied the money I needed in that supremely challenging hour at the precise moment I needed it most.

That one singular gift, which ironically was anonymous, set a course for my life as a Christian. It established something resolute in the depths of my being. I knew, starting at the age of twenty-two, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God hears my prayers and God provides. And here I am, twenty-five years later still hearkening back to that amazing provision.

There are two supremely significant truths that roost high in my soul, and both of them moved into that position twenty-five years ago in and through that anonymous miracle provision ...

  1. God is always faithful to those who put their trust in Him.
  2. He loves to use the obedience and sacrificial giving of other believers in proving Himself faithful to His children.

Those two facts have been deeply significant in my growth and development as a man. And I think they are supposed to be big players in each of our lives as Christians.

I think one of the most difficult things for me as a leader of a discipleship training school, is that there are costs involved in our training. On one side, these costs place value on the training and also supply opportunity for people to see, like I did when I was twenty-two, that God is faithful to provide when we step forward in obedience. And, yet, on the other side, often these financial costs can stand in the way of students taking steps forward in being trained. The finances are a gigantic Goliath standing as an imposing obstacle causing some to walk away before they ever even pray about it.

This is why we developed the Helps Fund and the Helps Fund Scholarship. Our goal is to help everyone that genuinely desires to be discipled to access our training. It creates opportunity for those that are students with empty pockets to find a means of financially pulling it off, and it also supplies all those “anonymous” givers out there (that are looking for a twenty-two year old Eric Ludy to support) a practical way of underwriting these hungry students.

If you are the student with empty pockets, I don’t want you to rule out coming to our training. Please check out our Helps Fund page to learn more and to see what is possible.


 If you are the giver and would like to be a part of a miracle in a student’s life, then I invite you to pray about participating in helping to underwrite our Helps Fund initiative.  If you would like to help support students to attend our training programs with either a one-time or monthly gift, please visit our “Donate” page to learn how to give to the Helps Fund.


Cheering you onward,

-Eric Ludy