When your life rains big heavy 300lb offensive linemen, the Amazing Trampoline Boots are the Christian’s great secret. Every believer has been given a pair by the Holy Spirit, but few of us ever use them. I must admit, they are kind of funny looking. But these little dudes are ideally suited for making sweet lemonade out of all your lemons. With every weight that falls on your bodily health, your financial well-being, your thought-life, your reputation, your relationships, or your general circumstances – these boots enable you to leap high into the air, with your fist pumping upward into the sky and a deep throaty shout of praise on your lips.

The Christian is given a command to “leap for joy” (Luke 6:23), in and amidst every sort of trial. But, in and of yourself, the power to leap is simply not there. It takes supernatural moxie to go airborne with a shout of triumph when those 300 pounders are landing on you. And that is where the Amazing Trampoline Boots come in. Put ‘em on!  They have a grace-infused sole, that has shocking ability to lift you high into the air, if you, the Christian, choose to allow them to do it.

Our God has a great sense of humor. He laughs when the 300 pounders start falling (Psalm 2:4), and via His Holy Spirit has given us the grace to do the same. So, why keep your Amazing Trampoline Boots in the shoe box stored away in your closet of Biblical knowledge? Why not grab them off the shelf, open up the box, slip them on your feet today, and start doing some real leaping?

Here’s to upward mobility!

-Eric Ludy