When I preach I tend to be a “shouter.” I never intended to be a loud-mouth, let alone a loud-mouth preacher. It just sort of happened. It happened when I yielded my life, my body, my reputation to Jesus Christ and said, “You can do with me whatever You see fit!”

I guess, He saw fit to make me a “shouter.” Because, He stuck such a volcanic passion inside my spirit man, that when I authoritatively speak the Word of Truth, the volume of my voice swells without me even being cognizant of the fact.

So, I’m a shouter, whether I like it or not. But, a lot of people don’t know that I don’t have anyone to shout at me. I shout at everyone, but there isn’t anyone that shouts back to my soul and calls me to the gusto of Christ-living. As a result, I shout at myself. And the message in this particular video is one of the most common sermons that I preach (vigorously shout) to my own soul.

I guess that is why this particular video is so precious to me. It’s almost like it is my own personal sermon-to-self, but now fully backed with an epic, white-forked lightning musical score. Now, all I need to do is press “play” on this puppy and I have someone to shout this message to me with the passion of a Niagaran waterfall.

HE IS sooo good!

Eric Ludy