This week’s video features some of our beloved Ellerslie alumni. We’ve had over 1700 alumni graduate from our semester training over the past eight years. That number may not sound very large to some, but when discussing personally discipling and pouring into individual lives, that’s a sizable amount. And, after over 1700 of them, I still have such a deep affection for each and every one of these rascals.

In fact, it is my desire to remember every name of every alumni that has graduated from our training program here in Windsor. That said, though the desire is lofty, I can’t say that I have pulled it off. There have been times when someone comes up to me during my travels and excitedly shouts knowingly, “Eric Ludy?!” I smile broadly and shake their hands while they say something like, “My name is ——- - —-. I was Fall 2012! Remember me?” A lot of times I remember very clearly. But there are other times – awkward times, when I wriggle inside as I study their face and struggle to find a flicker of a memory inside my crowded brain.

To be clear, most of these horrible mental gaffes have involved alumni women. But, I do have some good excuses for these memory lapses. My top three reasons for memory failure are as follows: 1) The girl in question got married and changed her last name, but failed to give me that little important detail when she introduced herself, 2) the girl had short cropped hair when she was at Ellerslie and now, after five years, has hair down to the middle of her back, and/or 3) her hair was platinum blonde with curls and now it is raven black and straight. So I guess I do have some good excuses for those few memory lapses.

Even if I have sometimes proved the dud rather than the stud where the remembrance of students has been concerned, I can say, with deep heart conviction, that I do love them all. We gathered a handful of them together the other day and brought them into the studio and asked them a couple questions.

This week’s and next week’s video will give you a little peek into why I’m such a big fan of these characters. I may be biased, but I think Ellerslie alumni are the best alumni on earth.

Convinced of it,

-Eric Ludy