I think it would be accurate to say that I say goodbye for a living. Students come to Ellerslie and, well, they go. As a staff, we decided early on, that we weren’t going to allow the goodbyes that lie just around the corner to hinder us from fully loving these students while they are here in Windsor. But such a decision comes with a definite emotional cost. For love is a two-sided coin. To the degree you love, you also experience that same degree of pain when the goodbyes come.

If you refuse to love then you don’t experience the pain at the goodbye. For many, that seems the more logical choice. But, not for us Christians. As Christians, we are in the business of loving each other.  And that means that goodbyes are more difficult.

We just went through a fresh batch of goodbye pain here at the campus. Our five-week training concluded and, yep, the pain of goodbye was once again present. You would think that five weeks of togetherness wouldn’t engender such depth of affection and bonding of soul, but think again. The amount of tears flooding the carpets of the Ellerslie chapel were Niagaran.  And, it was truly precious.

The idea of crying isn’t that exciting to me. However, the idea of tears is. There IS a difference. Crying often has to do with self-soothing of personal pain, whereas tears are the noble heavenly expression of heartfelt affection. We had a lot of that affection going around.

As a fond remembrance of this past semester, I’ve put together a video (see above) sharing my five favorite memories of this past five-week semester. Oh, the bliss of knowing and sharing life and fond memories with the Body of Christ!

-Eric Ludy

P.S. Join us for a life-changing season at Ellerslie! Our next 5-week training starts on June 15th, 2019 - learn more here.