Everyone needs a friend like Ben Price.  Ben is the sort of guy that makes you feel like gold even when you are having an iron pyrite sort of day.  He’s a world-renowned comedian from Australia, so, he does a lot of traveling. When he makes it to the U.S. he always tries to swing through Windsor, Colorado for a visit.  We do a lot of laughing when Mr. Price is in town.  But my favorite thing about Ben is his passion for the real genuine version of Christian living.  This guy loves Jesus Christ. So, when he swings through Windsor, we love to talk about Jesus together.  

Did I mention that Ben has an odd talent? He is a master of voices.  He hears people speak and then has an uncanny ability to mimic them. As a result he’s gained the nickname of “Australia’s Best Impersonator.” I think he has 200 or so voices that he has mastered.  And he has begun to use this unique gift in a powerful way for the Kingdom of God (more on this in a future blog).   

Every year when my birthday comes around, I receive an email from Ben Price.  Inside this particular birthday email from Ben is usually found around six different audio files.  Each of these audio files are about 30 seconds in length and are birthday wishes from famous people, or people that Ben knows I am friends with and admire.  

This last birthday I received birthday wishes from Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ray Comfort, Emeal Zwayne, Paul Washer, Todd Friel, and Leonard Ravenhill. My kids always love it when the Ben Price birthday email arrives.  And, to be quite honest, so do I.  It has proven to be a tremendous encouragement to me over the years.  I even teared up when I heard the birthday blessing from Leonard Ravenhill.  Ben knows that one of my desires was to meet Leonard Ravenhill before he died, but alas, it didn’t happen.  So, in a strange way, when I hear his birthday wish to me, it’s as if God is saying, “See, Eric, I heard your prayer.”  

For kicks and giggles I’ve included in this blog post Ben’s imitation of my voice.  It’s me ordering a Big Mac at McDonalds.  This will give you a little taste of the types of things that I find randomly in my inbox from Ben.

Like I said, everyone needs a friend like Ben Price.  

If you would like to have Ben as a friend, too, visit him at benpricecomedy.com.  He’s the real deal.  

Thanks, Ben, for taking time while you were in town to let us catch you on video. 

Here’s to a God that loves to laugh,