The word “loony” and I have been closely associated since birth. It’s kind of like my Siamese twin. One of my many nicknames growing up was “Loony Tunes.” Eric Loony was a popular name for me in high school. 

I looked up the definition of “loony" in the Webster’s 1828 Dictionary and ... it wasn’t there. I guess it’s a rather new-fangled word. So, I stooped to allow to supply help and this is what I uncovered:

Loony [loo-nee]
lunatic; insane; extremely foolish

I’ve decided to take this whole “loony” thing as a compliment. After all, didn’t Paul the Apostle declare that we are to be “loonies” for Christ (1 Cor. 4:10)? (Please excuse the rough translation from the Greek.) 

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I realize that some of you are questioning my sanity with my latest blog post. After all, there is a simple rule of thumb in the modern American Christian culture and that is, “Don’t antagonize the Socially Correct.” But, what if the Socially Correct are, ahem, incorrect? That puts us in a pickle, doesn’t it? 

I would have never dreamed that Joshua Harris would become a poster boy for the Socially Correct. This has been a difficult thing for me to swallow. And I never would have dreamed I would need to put together a five-part blog series to address the meltdown and misadventures of this one-time dear brother in the Lord. 

I have always appreciated Josh, his voice, and his passion. It’s a difficult time for many of us as we attempt to digest his renouncements of things pure, lovely, noble, and honorable. My latest blog post is called There Are Always Two, and in it I address the fact that sexual purity has always been a topic of twos. There are two distinct methods for finding it, for gaining it, and for proclaiming it. Which method you choose determines whether it actually works in your life or not.

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It may be “loony” to speak up in such a situation, I realize that. But, I’ve been Eric Loony my entire life. I might as well make use of my name and do what good loonies do. 

I submit this to all of you with a sincere desire that God would turn all these things for good that the enemy is perpetrating for evil.

So, without further ado, here’s the next installment in my loony blog series.

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Because the Lamb that was slain is worthy to receive the reward of His suffering,

Eric “loony for Christ” Ludy