This three-part video series is just what I was needing today! I sat in the Windsor Starbucks with my headphones on this afternoon and got teary-eyed, slammed my fist on the table with fresh resolve, and muttered afresh my dogged faith in my God’s faithfulness! I am so taken with Steve Rosen’s musical backdrop to these three videos on the subject of faith. And, this first one is one of my all-time favorite background scores.

One of the fun things about being in my position with the media team that produces these videos is that I was able to listen to all three of these videos on faith all in one sitting. As of today, you don’t yet have that luxury (since only part one has been released). But, when the second and third piece have arrived (which will by Friday of this week), I encourage you to go for a long walk or hike and just listen to the trilogy all in one long-listen. Wow! 

If this is what I was needing today, I’m guessing it just may be an elixir for your soul as well! 

Here’s to the God that cannot lie and will not change! 

Eric Ludy