If you listen to my sermons online you will hear me ask my audience often a very specific question. And my audience knows precisely what I am asking and why I ask it so often.

My question?

“What is your position?”

And, I usually ask it with a swell of volume and a bit of preaching force behind it.

The answer to that question is everything to us as Christians. Because everything about Christianity is about position.

In real estate, the old adage is location, location, location. In Christianity, it’s position, position, position.

And there are only two positions to choose from. You and I are either IN Adam, or we are IN Christ. And the difference between those two positions has eternal ramifications.

Many of us, as believers, are legally IN Christ because of our faith, but we don’t functionally live according to the massive benefits associated with that amazing position. Well, it’s high-time that we as Christians once again begin to function with the true spiritual swagger of the twice-born – a swagger that tramples on all the powers of Hell, is wholly unstoppable, unbreakable, and fearless in the face of the gravest threats and dangers.

Here’s to the return of bravehearted moxie to the saints of God!

-Eric Ludy