When Avy was two, we called her Shirley Temple – that’s because her mop of curly hair and precocious personality was shockingly similar to that adorable little girl from the black and white movie era!

Now at eight, Avy is no less fun and vibrant than she was at two, and her personality has only gained more sparkle and zest! In this super-cute video that is sure to bring a warm chuckle to your soul, Avy shares about the incredible Christmas specials that we are offering as part of Ellerslie First Annual Christmas Kickstart!  

If you are looking for incredible deals on life-changing books, short films, magazine bundles, and discipleship training programs, now is a great time to take advantage of our absolute lowest prices of the year – only available for a limited time! They make perfect, meaningful gifts for the loved ones in your life! These deals, as Avy Ludy would say, are “very Christmas-y!”  

Wishing you a warm and Christ-centered holiday season!

-Eric Ludy, proud papa of Avy Ludy!