Those of you within our Set Apart Girl family may not know this, but one of my main passions is sharing truth with the students who come to our Ellerslie Discipleship Training. Over twenty-five years ago, Eric shared with me his vision to one day create a set-apart place where Christians could become grounded in Truth and established in the Gospel of Christ. And that is exactly what Ellerslie is. Over 2,000 students from all over the world have attended Ellerslie Discipleship Training throughout the past ten years. Time and time again we have heard our graduates say, “The season I spent at Ellerslie transformed my spiritual life.”

If you crave a set apart season to radically deepen your walk with Christ and ignite your spiritual fire, please join us at Ellerslie this fall! I speak regularly in our Ellerslie training programs, and I would love to connect with you and get to know you personally! As an Ellerslie student, you’ll even spend time at the Ludy home for Sunday brunch. :) 

This fall is the perfect time to join us at Ellerslie, because if you package our Classic + Advanced program together, you’ll save big and get a chance to tag on our three-week Beta-Version Practicum for FREE! Learn more about this special opportunity here.