How far is too far to come to Ellerslie, you may ask? According to students from our most recent semester, pursuing Jesus Christ in Windsor, CO is worth going over hill and dale! With devoted Christ-followers from five continents represented in our most recent semester, it is our desire to make our Ellerslie Training programs as easily accessible as possible — that’s why we’ve introduced things like our helpful early-bird pricing for each semester and semester packages that give you the ability to stay on-campus for weeks at a time (so you can save money on travel costs accrued during your training). 
Oh, and did you hear about our Beta-Version Practicum Program kicking off this fall? Ellerslie is looking for some fun-loving and truth-adoring guinea pigs who will participate in our Beta-Version of our new Practicum Training (officially launching Spring of 2020). If you are thinking about signing up for one of our fall semesters, be among the first 25 to fill out our Google Form and you could win the 3-week Beta-Version Practicum Program for FREE. (Note: This is not the equivalent of registering for a semester, but merely an indication that you are planning on registering.) If you aren’t among the first 25 on our list, we will contact you with a secondary way of participating in this special one-time Beta-Version Practicum.