In our younger days, Leslie and I used to travel the world and speak on the topic of romance and relationships. We never struggled to draw a crowd. It’s strange, but, if you speak on the topic of prayer and fasting your crowd will always be sparse. But, if you speak on this particular topic, people just come out of the woodwork to listen in. It was not surprising to have thousands of young adults sitting with rapt attention in our average audience, and sometimes it was tens of thousands. It’s strange, but every one of us is intrigued by this topic. And every one of us desires to defy the statistical odds of relationship failure and actually succeed at this thing called love.

So, since there is a high likelihood that you are one of those people who desire to do this whole love-and-romance thing right, you may want to give a listen to this particular Q&A video that Leslie and I produced a couple years ago to commemorate the initial launch of our online course, Secrets to an Amazing Love Story. It is sure to help you sidestep those relationships pitfalls!

We really do want you to succeed! 

Cheering you on,

-Eric and Leslie Ludy