When a young Christian woman looks at the “Christian” marriages around her, is she seeing something that she wants to copy? For a high percentage of young Christians, they have never seen a single marriage up-close that would cause them to declare, “I want a marriage just like that one!”

Now imagine coming up to that same young Christian and telling her that by forgoing selfish pleasure in the here and now, she will discover something even better in marriage. Would you wonder why she is going to have a difficult time comprehending how having a pitiful marriage is “something better”?

If this particular question has made its way through your mind, I think this short little Q&A video will probably really bless you.

Oh, and a word to all of you who have never witnessed beautiful, God-centered marriages, we are in desperate need of men and women who will rise up and say, “Lord, bring back that picture of majesty in and through me!”

Here’s to setting a new course!

-Eric Ludy