The date was December 14th, 1991. I was two days from my twenty-first birthday, freshly home from the mission field, and in the guest room of the Ludy house praying. I was praying that God would lead my life, that He would take me by the hand and show me how to do this whole thing right. And, in keeping with the tradition I had set for myself a couple years prior, I prayed specifically for my wife-to-be. I had never met her. But, I wanted God to prepare this girl for me and prepare me for her. As I prayed that night, I saw something in my mind. I honestly don’t know what to call what I saw. To call it a vision seems like too lofty a description. Maybe it was more an “impression.” In this “impression” I saw a young girl, leaning back against a counter on her elbows, laughing.  She was beautiful. Her hair was brown, about down to the shoulders. She had porcelain skin, and was so … so … utterly lovely to me. And in seeing this “impression” I also sensed that God spoke something to me.

“This is her.” That is what I heard. Not audibly, but inwardly I sensed my Father was showing me something of significance.

The following night, December 15th, I joined my family in attending a Christmas musical performance at my parent’s new church. While I was away, my parents had moved an hour south of where they had previously lived and had recently found a church that really resonated with their deep spiritual pursuit. I was sitting in the second row, amused by the cute kids and their singing and dancing talents (or lack thereof) when suddenly I was struck by the sight of a young woman striding out onto the stage, singing. She had porcelain skin, shoulder-length brown hair, and was utterly lovely. And in that moment, in witnessing this extraordinary match to my previous night’s “impression,” I sensed God once again speak to my inner-man, “This is her.”

All I can say is, “It really was her.”

Leslie and I are currently enjoying our 24th year of marriage. At our wedding reception, I sat down at the piano and sang her a song that I had written for her entitled, “My Girl, Leslie.” It’s amazing to think that after 23 years of oneness, living in sickness and health, living in plenty and want, that we are more one than ever before. Leslie still has that porcelain skin, she still has a laugh that strikes my deepest sense of human attraction, and she still is “my girl.” When Christ holds the pen and scripts the love story, it only gets better with time. That’s a fact!

To celebrate the limited time release of our Secrets to an Amazing Love Story online course, this blog is part one of a fun five-part series with memories and photos from our own amazing love story. What a joy it was to write these. I hope you find even a smidgen of the delight in reading them as I had in remembering them!

-Eric Ludy

P.S. Excuse the hair and clothing styles – after all, this was over twenty-six years ago!