It has been exactly 8,690 days since God proved to me, in no uncertain terms, that He is a big fan of love and romance. I must admit I was a bit dubious at first, pondering the notion of God “writing my love story.” After all, God is … well … holy and pure. And, growing up in the American culture, love and romance is anything but holy and pure. So, what would it be like if God controlled this area of my life? What would happen to me, to my love life, if it unfolded as God would think best?

Well, 8,690 days ago, I stood outside Leslie’s parent’s house with a dozen roses in one hand and a little white box in the other. I was about to find out the answer to those questions. I was standing at the door as a man with a plan. My objective: to surprise Leslie for the first time in her life. She thought I was in Michigan, but, in fact, I was in Colorado standing outside her front door. And I was fixing to propose. And I had actually been praying about this occasion for months on end, daily coming to God and saying, “God, I’m not totally sure that this romance stuff interests you, but I really want this to be heaven come to earth when I propose to her. Can I ask that you make it a surprise for Leslie? I’m sorry if this is not something you care to involve Yourself in. But your Word tells me ‘in everything’ by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, to let my requests be made known to You (Phil. 4:6). So, that’s what I’m doing.”

If you have never read our book, When Dreams Come True, it would be worth it just to learn the full story of what took place that sacred night in April of 1994. But, let it suffice to say, I actually found myself asking God that night to stop the Niagaran waterfall of blessing that was pouring down upon me from heaven – it was too good, too much to handle for my young soul.

I learned something that I have never forgotten that night. God is more interested in this stuff than even we are. He created us as sexual beings and He has a desire to have, to hold, to lead, and to direct this precious area of our lives. And, I must prepare you – when He does have, hold, lead, and direct this area of your life, the outcomes are other-worldly. It really is heaven come to earth.

Everything about the Gospel is a love story. Everything about a man loving a woman is a picture of the grand heavenly Kingdom reality. You bet He is interested in this stuff. Just because the Devil has attempted to hijack it, we must remember that God is the one that invented it in the first place.

How’s that for a Valentine’s Day meditation?

Happy 8,690 day anniversary, Leslie!

-Eric Ludy