If we were compiling a list of the most unromantic things, there are some very predictable things that make the list. For instance, dirty clothes tossed on the floor. Heavy metal music. Oh, and we can’t forget to add in flu symptoms, sticky caps on the cough syrup bottle, and kale chips (maybe that is just me). However, there is one particular item that most of us fail to put on the list, because it is so obvious that we miss it. It’s our family members (you know, mom, dad, brother Billy, and sister Shirley). Just imagine. It’s you and the one you love. Soft music is playing. The crackle of a fire can be heard nearby, maybe even the pitter patter of raindrops tapping on the roof. Ardor is in the air. And right then, in the heat of that moment of perfection, your mom walks into the room, approaches the couch you are sitting on, and asks you to move over so she can sit down right in-between you and join in on your conversation.

I love my mom, as I’m sure you love yours, too. But “mom” doesn’t belong in that particular moment, does she?

Many of us have a repulsion to the thought of our parents, or our brother Billy and our sister Shirley, having anything to do with our love story. And that is because we envision the above-mentioned scenario. And, I guess I wouldn’t blame you for that discomfort if that was what it meant to involve your family in the unfolding story.

Simply put, Leslie and I built our relationship while hanging out with our family. I witnessed her true character as I saw her interact with her parents and saw her engage with her two younger brothers. She witnessed my true character in doing the same.

You would need to read our love story to truly understand the profound beauty that flowed out of this odd set-up. But, let it suffice to say, that it massively enhanced both the sparkle and the strength of our relationship. Families can actually prove to be a tremendous catalyst to finding the power and the beauty of a happily ever after romance.

God’s idea of family is pretty amazing!

-Eric Ludy