This past week God was working in a deep and profound way in my life. Leslie and I enjoyed a getaway to sunny Southern California. For those of you who may not know, Leslie and I have six kiddos. But the unique thing about this getaway was that it was just two of us – me and Leslie. The kids were not with us. And it has been nearly thirteen years since Leslie and I got away for a week without kiddos around. So, it was a rare and precious experience.

However, where you might envision us to have enjoyed a week chock full of moonlit strolls along the beach, romantic dinners, and scenic picnics, it wasn’t quite that way. It was an amazing week, but it was amazing because it was a week full of prayer, wrestling with God, and tirelessly fighting for matters that God laid before us.

Was it romantic? Not in the sense you would be thinking, but, yeah!

Was it memorable? Without a doubt.

Leslie and I could sort of sense it before we boarded the plane for Los Angeles that the smell of battle was in the air. After all, Leslie and I know that smell well. But, I don’t think either of us would have guessed how intense the battle was going to be that would be hitting us when we arrived.

We expected it to be a week of forward vision, a week of gaining clear direction, and a week packed full of spiritual exhortation. And it was. But, to be quite frank, it had an uncomfortable degree of deep soul conviction baked in, of prayer late into the nights that robbed from the expected sleep we thought awaited us, and of deafening bomb blasts from the world back home that hollered for our constant attentions and called us to our knees in vigorous prayer.

Oh, and did I mention that it was an amazing week?

I think everyone needs a week away to just go to spiritual battle, to wait on God, to allow His Word to penetrate deeply, and to pray as if all eternity hung in the balance.

This past week God showed me something in my soul that surprised me. I didn’t see the disobedience that lurked there. But disobedience was there, hidden behind a very carefully contrived curtain of very smart sounding justifications. And in this past week God very gently drew that curtain back and very tenderly corrected me. It was precious and painful. It was unexpected, but deeply appreciated. For, to me, the conviction of the Holy Spirit is sweet. It is the signal of His Fatherly care over me.

In the video above, I talk about the conversation I had upon my arrival home with a dear friend who is a fellow leader in the Body of Christ. He said something that was utterly profound. He had no idea about the week I had just arrived back from, but as only the Holy Spirit can, he spoke through this man straight to me. You definitely need to watch the video to hear what this man said to me.

Today I stand basking afresh in the profound love and mercy of our wonderful Savior.

I realize that you may not be able to find a week in your schedule to sneak away to Southern California to spend a week in soul travail. However, I have really good news for you. Soul travail is available to you wherever you are located right now. You don’t need to go to Southern California in order to find it. Our God desires to take you onward, upward, and further in. But sometimes He needs to start by digging down deep inside of us and putting His almighty finger on a particular point of disobedience that remains un-remedied.

Here’s to making sure our obedience is up-to-date and current!

Eric Ludy