Simply put, I’m married to a man who collects embarrassing moments.  That means I have the privilege of suffering the pain and humiliation right along with him – it’s an act of sacrificial love, believe me.  But in this week’s hilarious blog video, Eric shares his MOST embarrassing moment of all time – and, thankfully, it happened long before I ever knew him.

This is the first time we’ve posted this story publicly online – so consider yourself privileged. And you will want to stay tuned after he shares the story for an important message about our new Bravehearted personal discipleship program that both Eric and I want to share with you.  If you’ve ever felt like you’re a “hack” at the Christian life, we hope this video will help you catch a vision for how personal discipleship can transform your spiritual direction and ignite your passion for Christ.

Get ready to laugh at Eric Ludy – not with him, but at him.  (Yes, this story really happened.)  We hope it will bring a smile to your day and a vision for your future!