This past September 1st, we had a special guest in studio named Ben Price (see blog entitled, Eric Ludy’s Funny Friend).  Ben is known as Australia’s Best Impersonator. And he is a really funny bloke (that’s sort of like the Aussie word for dude).

Over the past four years, Ben has become a very dear friend of mine. And, over the past three years an annual tradition has begun to emerge in which Ben sends me a hilarious collection of unusual birthday wishes that utilize his talent with voices.

Over the years, thanks to Ben Price, I have had faux birthday wishes from the likes of Donald Trump, Ray Comfort, Emeal Zwayne, Paul Washer, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Leonard Ravenhill, David Wilkerson, and Todd Friel. The way Ben has put these together with such love and comedic care, they really are a precious gift, and they are genuinely meaningful. And my kids love to listen to these personalized treasures possibly even more than I do. Which is saying a lot.

So, with my birthday landing on this past Sunday, once again I discovered a birthday treasure in my inbox. However, this time, my team (particularly Josh Kinabrew) was in cahoots with Ben Price to turn his audio files into a Bravehearted Thot.

He actually prepared and sent over seven audio snippets this birthday go-around, but this video created for my birthday only included three of them. I must admit that a lot of the humorous nuance packed into this video is stuff only caught by the seasoned connoisseur of our videos, our training, and our Sunday sermons. In fact, the longer you have hung around the Ellerslie Campus, probably the louder you laugh as you hear these clips. However, I’m still hoping that, even those of you that are rather new to our world of ministry, are still tickled by Ben’s amazing talent.

Oh, and as a bonus to the video above, my team has hand-picked a few really funny selections to share with you in audio format out of the Ben Price Birthday Wish Archive. I hope you enjoy!

A merry heart does good, like medicine, 

-Eric Ludy



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