I know many of you really enjoyed last week’s video interview with Steve Rosen. And I know many of you are interested in knowing which “Steve face” turned out to be his wife’s “most-dreaded face to appear on her husband while he’s on camera.” I’m sorry to say that when Kara watched the video, to help us pin down the answer to this question, she laughed so hard that we were unable to discern the actual answer. However, we are quite certain that the “Steve face” appeared at least once in that interview. The question is, “Did you see it?”

In all seriousness, these two interviews with Steve Rosen were a real blessing for me. It was sort of a trek down memory lane. And it was good for my soul to simply remember what God has done. Literally millions of people have been impacted by Steve Rosen’s musical work. And to sit there in the studio with him and hear him talk, reminded me of what a gem of a man he is. He has given up everything to follow Jesus, and just look at how God is using him!

I also think these two interviews are very precious for all those that have shared in the work of God through this ministry over the past decade. Because, to hear about all these life-changing projects from Steve’s perspective, supplies an entirely fresh lens on some of the most critical projects that we released throughout that time, and an even greater fondness for the work done.

A fun bonus to this second interview installment with Steve Rosen is the fact that, in it, Steve lays out the vision for the upcoming release of a bevy of future short films from Bravehearted Christian. The first being our next trilogy entitled The Impossible Life, which is set to release in the first week of October.

I think I’m going to get Steve back in the studio again … and soon!

Eric Ludy