Does the name Steve Rosen ring a bell for any of you? If not, Steve Rosen would be just fine with that. He has told me many times, “Eric, I don’t know that I feel comfortable having my name on these projects. I do this work for Jesus and not for the recognition.” He’s that sort of a guy. In fact, I’m the guy that says, “Stick his name on there! I want people to recognize what God is doing in and through this guy!” You see, sometimes, “that sort of guy” needs a guy in my position to show him off a bit. And that’s just what I’m going to do.

I booked Steve for a two-part interview in our film studio this week. I don’t know if Steve has done a lot of interviews. He’s usually the talent “behind” the projects and not usually the talent in front of the camera. But, he was a really great interview.

For starters, Steve is the musical moxie behind such works as Depraved Indifference, The Gospel, The Ancient War Cry, and He Is. This guy is a startling talent. I pinch myself every now and again just to remind myself that this guy is for real. The question that constantly dances around in my brain: “What is he doing here in Windsor, Colorado?”

I’ve known Steve now for over seven years. Our relationship is roughly 50% laughter and 50% dead-serious Gospel work. We both are husbands. We both are 46 years old. We both have a pile of kiddos. And we both love Jesus so much it hurts. We get each other. And that is why he is so adept at sticking thunder behind my passion. He chooses the pithiest portions out of my messages and then artistically weaves them together to form a powerful picture of epic Truth. Then He underscores them with heavenly, epic, majestic music.

One of the little known factoids about Steve Rosen is that he often weeps when doing his scoring. While hiding away in his recording studio, he will just let the tears fall as he plays. He is moved by the message, he believes the message with all his heart, and so he expresses his worship to God by laying the music underneath the Truth. So, often his musical scores are single takes while weeping. And I think that is really precious!

If you didn’t watch the blog video above, I would highly recommend you take a peek. Like my relationship with Steve, the video is roughly 50% laughter and 50% dead serious Gospel enunciation. And if that is not enough reason to view it, it also shows a man that is taking his unique talents and fully using them for the glory of His Lord. It’s an amazing sight to behold.

Thanks, Steve, for serving your King with such integrity, love, and abandon. It’s a privilege to call you my friend and brother.

Singing the song of the Redeemer,