Avy has always been Mommy’s and Daddy’s “Shirley Temple.” From the get-go, Avy has possessed a unique social charm, a deep childlike zest for life, a super-rare and profound compassion for others around her, and a passionate love for the dramatic.

To be honest, Hollywood is not where I want my little girl going. In fact, I don’t want her even close to all that ungodly nonsense. After all, I’m raising her to be a missionary, NOT a movie star — a Christ-symbol, not a pop-culture-symbol. But, I have been asking God how to encourage little Avy with her sincere desire to share Jesus as an actress.

It’s very possible this desire within her will fade with time. When I was eight, I wanted to be an astronaut. Sometimes, little kid ambitions are traded out for other passions as the maturing process continues. However, there is something inside her that I see. It’s a vivaciousness — a unique drive to communicate Jesus with others. And she thinks that she can do that in and through acting. And, I don’t wish to argue that fact. After all, daddy runs a media team, and I do it because I want to share Jesus with this lost and dying world.

It will be fun to see where God leads Avy in the upcoming years. Meanwhile, she sure is fun to raise.

BONUS: I’ve included a picture below so that you can laugh along with us at the fun comparison between Shirley Temple and our little Avonlea Rose.

Here’s to sugar and spice and everything nice!

Eric Ludy