We arrived in the studio to film this particular blog video and I noticed that Hudson had a blob of lunch on his shirt. Momma was on her way to the campus and she had a replacement shirt for him in the car, so all was going to be okay. But, it turned out the shirt that arrived was wrinkled and, strangest thing, the studio’s clothes steamer had gone missing. This led to him wearing my teal-green t-shirt. It’s what I was wearing that day. I had brought a change of clothes for the video shoot, but it turns out my t-shirt became a star player in this particular video. So, if you ever see it show up in a blog video in the future, you can know that it is actually MY shirt and not Hudson’s. That said, I think Hudson grew rather fond of my t-shirt during the filming and is currently making a bid to refer to that t-shirt as “ours” and not just mine. Hmmm. Strange how these things happen.

This was a fun interview with my twelve-year old boy. I think Hudson enjoyed it, too. Working on projects with my children is a true delight, so it is fun to have them arriving at the age when I can more effectively integrate them into my ministry communications.

To try and describe Hudson, I would need to probably blend three historic characters together and then stir in some gelatin to adhere the varied personalities into one singular mass of little boy. Here’s the Hudson Ludy recipe: he’s one-part Walt Disney, one-part Leonardo DaVinci, and one-part Hudson Taylor. Long and short, he’s a super-creative inventor with a passion for sharing Jesus with the nations. As a father, I’m very intrigued to see how God is going to unfold his life.

In this interview I’m drawing out Hudson’s passion for making movies. And so, in addition to the interview, he has also allowed me to show you all his latest project that he did for his school history class. It’s entitled, The Story of Joseph in Four Minutes.

Ha! If only I could preach my messages in four minutes!

-Eric Ludy