Precisely 18 days ago, we were set to release our fourth and final installment of our Unauthorized Video Series. As is protocol, Nathan Johnson sent me over the final video in order to get my authorization for release. The first three Unauthorized videos in the series were stinky. But the fourth installment in the series was a train wreck. It was just plain horrible. So bad, in fact, that I declared “over my dead body” to the idea of sending it out. So, at 10:30pm the night before the official video launch of part four, I recorded an audio clip on my phone, Nathan set the audio clip to video, and we released that instead [view here]. In that audio clip I promised that I would labor to make it up to you guys. Specifically, I promised to take you behind-the-scenes into our new film studio. Well, today is the day I fulfill that promise.

Here’s how I did it. While sitting down to record the video for this week’s blog, I did something mischievous. I snuck in an iPhone. Okay, maybe the word “mischievous” is too strong a word, since everyone in the studio knew I was doing it. But, you need to play along with me here. The word “mischievous” makes the whole thing sound covert and dangerous. Which, of course, makes the whole video you are about to watch seem more intriguing. So, yes, I did something very mischievous.

Anyways, in the middle of the recording, I reached down and grabbed the iPhone and pressed record. And, I did all of this “mischievousness” in order to give you the behind-the-scenes peek you missed out on near three weeks ago. I did all this “covert” and “dangerous” stuff in order to keep my promise to all of you.

To be honest, our film studio isn’t that grandiose. All this “covert” and “dangerous” high-drama takes place in a room that is approximately 12x12. But, even though there are very tight spacial constraints to this iPhone tour, I think this short little video peek did turn out pretty cool.

That said, the real cachet value to this video isn’t really found in the cheesy iPhone tour, but in that fact that this video offers our very first peek into the film content for the online portion of our new discipleship training model which is set to begin later this month. Prepare to be impressed!

Here’s to a God, that I’m certain, loves bloopers right along with us,