You should all be impressed. I broke two long-held Ellerslie records this past Tuesday.

  1. We packed twenty-four people in the film studio all at once for a filming session. This shattered our old record of twelve.
  2. I looked more weak, skinny, and frail than I ever have before in front of a camera. I accomplished this amazing feat by sitting side-by-side with the 6-foot, 8-inch tall giant, Mike Hahn. His massive frame and bushy hair made me look like I was about 5’3” and ready to blow away with the next gust of wind. It was a gutsy maneuver on my part, don’t you think?

So, I broke records to get you this blog entry. The least you could do is watch it and thoroughly enjoy it.

This was a really fun video to make. And, it wasn’t just having the entire His Little Feet International Children’s Choir in the studio that made it so much fun for me. But, it was also having my dear friend, Mike, in there to discuss his ministry work.

It’s sort of like reading a really good book and wanting everyone to pick it up and read it. That’s the way I feel with Mike and Christa Hahn’s ministry. His Little Feet has proven an amazing tool to move the Body of Christ to action. The super-powerful concerts that they put on around the country inspire Christians to practical action. In fact, they inspire the Church to action unlike almost anything else I have ever seen. And, to be honest, all this inspiration comes packaged in a really cute and precious delivery vehicle (think of 17 of the cutest kiddos on earth from Haiti, Kenya, and India). I think it’s likely the pure cuteness of the messengers that helps numb the pain everyone feels when they get rocked with the bravehearted challenge that ushers forth every time these crusading cuties come to a church and deliver their power-packed musical message.

I strongly encourage you to consider inviting His Little Feet to come and sing at your church this upcoming tour season (Nov 2017 to June 2018). I promise you — it will not disappoint!

Watch this video to be inspired:

If you are interested in potentially booking the His Little Feet choir to come to your church or event this upcoming year, click on the link below in order to take the next steps:

His Little Feet Booking Link

And if your interest has been piqued to see Big Mikey in his powerful role in Depraved Indifference, I’ve embedded it below for your reference. Enjoy!

Depraved Indifference (the short film originally produced for His Little Feet’s 2010-2011 tour season)

Cherishing the little ones!

Eric Ludy